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Water is critical to many businesses and needs to be managed correctly to deliver its intended value. Ibis Water is a local water treatment company with extensive experience. Let us help design a customised treatment program that will ensure you are getting the most value from your water.

Water Treatment Objectives:
• Asset protection,
• Reduced operating costs,
• Improved product quality,
• Minimise health and safety hazards, and
• Minimise environmental impacts.

How do we achieve this?

With a wide breadth of experience across mining, food and beverage and healthcare industries, having knowledge across these very different spectrums is vital in providing expedient and proven solutions that customers know are fit for purpose. With over 180 years of combined knowledge and experience, there isn’t anything we’ve not encountered.

Service is the crux of a water treatment program. The best products and equipment will fail to provide the intended value without service. With us, you can count on a reliable service from an experienced water treatment provider.

We stock an extensive range of cooling water, steam boiler, waste water and process antiscalent products, all of which are locally manufactured.

Our sophisticated controllers have on-line monitoring capability to improve response time and deliver consistent value. We have in-house filtration experts, as managing pre-filtration is a critical part of a treatment program. We also provide storage and handling equipment compliant with all relevant legislation.

An important aspect of Steam Boiler Water Treatment is the management of the boiler feedwater chemistry which, in most cases, is achieved through pre-treatment such as water softening or reverse osmosis. As this plant is critical to the overall effectiveness of the water treatment program, Ibis Water take ownership of its operation and maintenance internally. Refer to the Equipment – Filtration section for more information. Steam systems are treated to comply with relevant standards or manufacturer recommendations. Conductivity targets are set to minimise energy loss through blowdown, without affecting asset integrity or heat transfer. Products for Steam Boiler Treatment include: Alkalinity Builders Oxygen Scavengers Dispersants and Antiscalents Antifoams Condensate Treatment
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Open circuits, closed cooling and heating water systems require water treatment chemicals, equipment, and services to ensure the effective control of scale, corrosion, biological activity and fouling. Not only is this a legislative requirement (for cooling towers), but is also required to maximise asset life and minimise water and energy consumption, and provide effective health, safety and environmental risk management. Ibis Water will assess your system to determine the optimal treatment program to achieve the above outcomes. This includes; Modelling the incoming water for scaling tendency, Confirming system design, metallurgy and temperature for correct corrosion control chemistry, Checking the holding time index to ensure a suitable biological control program is implemented, Identifying suitable control and chemical storage equipment, and Determining the ongoing routine service and analytical requirements Products for Cooling and Heating Water Treatment include: Corrosion Inhibitors Scale Inhibitors Biocides Dispersants
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Cleaning up our waste water prior to discharge is not only an environmental and community responsibility, but can also significantly reduce costs. Ibis Water have assisted a number of customers to bring their long term waste water discharge issues back under control. This has been achieved by performing screening to determine the optimal treatment program, and then ensuring this chemistry is applied correctly. Products for Industrial Waste Water Treatment include: pH Adjustment Coagulents Flocculants
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Ibis Water has access to a number of different antiscalent chemistries to manage various problematic species such as silica, calcium, and iron. We will perform a detailed analysis of your water and utilise sophisticated software to model the scale potential and determine the optimum chemistry and dose rate to effectively manage the system. By reducing production and/or quality, Scale has a large potential to be a major cost issue for your plant. It is therefore important that any antiscalent system be routinely monitored via scale probes, flow rates, differential pressures, and visual inspections. Water chemistry should also be routinely checked to determine if changes to the program are required and adjustments made accordingly.
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Chlorine Dioxide has been utilised in water treatment since the 1950’s for disinfection. It has some distinct advantages over other disinfectants, although implementing its application can be problematic. Compared to chlorine, chlorine dioxide is: More potent Less corrosive Less affected by pH Effective on biofilm More persistent Ibis Water utilise a chemistry that has specific approval for use in drinking water and can manage your chlorine dioxide application to meet your requirements. We can also perform once-off disinfections of your system.
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Dosing pumps and controllers are an important part of the water treatment program. Ibis Water work with numerous suppliers to ensure the equipment on your site is fully utilised and maintained correctly. Ibis Water recognises that a controller has to be user friendly and simple to maintain in order to consistently achieve its purpose. Although complex units have their place, they tend not to be utilised correctly and simpler, less expensive, units can provide significantly more value in terms of asset protection and plant efficiency. Each system has different requirements and your Ibis Water representative can provide recommendations on what features will provide the best value. Some functions to consider are: On-line, continuous control of ORP (for microbial control), pH (for scale control), and conductivity (for corrosion and scale control) Actuators for bleed control, rather than solenoids that can block and waste significant volumes of water Water treatment recirculation pumps to ensure system remains treated while off-line Corrosion rate monitoring via coupons or instant monitoring Dosing pumps suitably rated for the head pressure of the application Water meters for monitoring usage or discharge rates Remote monitoring can provide further peace of mind by allowing your trained Ibis Water representative to conduct diagnostic checks and offer a faster response for problem solving issues. This ensures that, although full water chemistry is tested routinely, continuous control of critical chemistry parameters is being achieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remote monitoring provides the following benefits: Easy access from anywhere using a standard browser on smartphone or PC Ability to view and change all controller settings remotely All trends and historical data visible from website Automatic generation of user defined reports, including water usage and evaporation rates Alarms via SMS and/or email to any user Flexible access options from view only to full access
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Chemical storage is sized to suit the expected rate of chemical consumption and service frequency thereby minimising on-site storage and ensuring tanks remain full and never empty. All storage is designed to comply with relevant Australian Standards and to suit the chemical being stored. When smaller quantities of chemical containers are used, these can be stored on spill trays, with segregation from incompatible goods as required. All empty containers are removed from site by Ibis Water and recycled for Environmental requirements.
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Pre-treatment (filtration) is a critical component of any water treatment program. Ibis Water offer the supply, installation, commissioning and on-going service and maintenance of the following filtration systems: Water Softening Reverse Osmosis Media Filtration Carbon Filtration Basin Sweeping systems for Cooling Towers Ultraviolet Disinfection Filtration expertise is in-house, so there is no reliance on sub-contractors or other service providers to deliver the required result.
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Microbial samples are taken, stored, and transported in accordance with AS/NZS 2031, and analysed by an independent, local, NATA accredited company. When laboratory analysis is completed, Ibis Water is notified via SMS or email n the event results are out of specification, Ibis Water respond within 24 hours to perform a system remediation, which is documented, and resampled within 3-7 days as per legislation. All samples, remediation, and follow-up are managed by an internal database designed to ensure compliance is maintained and samples are not missed. In addition to routine analysis of systems for general bacteria and Legionella, Ibis Water can also troubleshoot problem systems by either testing for specific bacteria or performing detailed microbial speciation. This has been conducted […]
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Ibis Water believes that excellent water treatment results are achieved by effectively applying proven chemistry principles. The best polymers are of no use if a tank runs empty, or a controller is faulty. Similarly, the most sophisticated controllers provide no benefit if the equipment isn’t adequately maintained or if the person servicing them isn’t able to operate it. The following three main areas is believed to be the most important to our customers: Delivery lead time Reliable Service & Reporting Fast-response Delivery Lead Time Ibis Water have internal processes to deliver same day if required, and maintain sufficient stock to enable this. Although good stock management will avoid rushed deliveries, sometimes events occur that result in faster than normal stock […]
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Legionella control is a risk management exercise. It cannot be guaranteed to be completely removed from most systems, but the risk can be reduced to an acceptable level. Ibis Water can perform Risk Assessments and implement the ongoing Risk Management Plan. This not only provides a safe environment and legislative compliance, but can also improve the general efficiency of the system. Legionella Risk Management for both Cooling Towers and Water Distribution Systems is available.
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The cost of water treatment is sometimes viewed as a price-based exercise for chemicals and services. However, the real cost is in asset life and efficiencies related to water and energy. Ibis Water can model your systems water and energy balance to determine the financial cost and environmental impact. Examples are; cost benefit analysis of using different chemistry to increase the cycles of concentration in a cooling tower and reducing water usage, impact analysis on upgrading a wastewater treatment plant to remove additional contaminants, cost benefit analysis and greenhouse gas emission impact on pre-treating steam boiler make-up with a reverse osmosis system
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Ibis Water offer the following chemical cleaning services: Pre-commission cleaning of newly constructed water systems, Acid cleaning of chiller condensers to reduce approach temperature and Acid cleaning of steam boilers for re-certification or improved heat exchange
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Mission & Values

Our vision is that we provide the best service in the market by recognising that we have the best talent.

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