Reporting & Response Time

Ibis Water believes that excellent water treatment results are achieved by effectively applying proven chemistry principles. The best polymers are of no use if a tank runs empty, or a controller is faulty. Similarly, the most sophisticated controllers provide no benefit if the equipment isn’t adequately maintained or if the person servicing them isn’t able to operate it. The following three main areas is believed to be the most important to our customers:

  • Delivery lead time
  • Reliable Service & Reporting
  • Fast-response

Delivery Lead Time

Ibis Water have internal processes to deliver same day if required, and maintain sufficient stock to enable this. Although good stock management will avoid rushed deliveries, sometimes events occur that result in faster than normal stock depletion. Therefore, Ibis Water do not have a standard delivery time, but guarantee that chemicals will be delivered “when required”.

Ensuring on site chemical stocks do not run empty is a key service principle for Ibis Water. In order to achieve this, additional site visits are made to many customers over and above the contractual requirements.

Reliable Service & Reporting

One weakness in the water treatment industry is timely production of service and analytical reports. Ibis Water therefore implemented internal systems to ensure service reports are received in a timely manner, and are available upon request. Our internal Service Management Database ensures that all contractual and legislative requirements are completed and documented.


Although the frequency of on-site services is normally sufficient to provide effective water treatment, it is acknowledged that at times things do not go to plan. A key service operative for all Ibis Water staff is that all phone calls are responded to before the close of business on the same day. Where urgent site attendance is required, this is provided, including out of business hours’.