Controllers and Dosing Pumps

Dosing pumps and controllers are an important part of the water treatment program. Ibis Water work with numerous suppliers to ensure the equipment on your site is fully utilised and maintained correctly.

Ibis Water recognises that a controller has to be user friendly and simple to maintain in order to consistently achieve its purpose. Although complex units have their place, they tend not to be utilised correctly and simpler, less expensive, units can provide significantly more value in terms of asset protection and plant efficiency.

Each system has different requirements and your Ibis Water representative can provide recommendations on what features will provide the best value. Some functions to consider are:

  • On-line, continuous control of ORP (for microbial control), pH (for scale control), and conductivity (for corrosion and scale control)
  • Actuators for bleed control, rather than solenoids that can block and waste significant volumes of water
  • Water treatment recirculation pumps to ensure system remains treated while off-line
  • Corrosion rate monitoring via coupons or instant monitoring
  • Dosing pumps suitably rated for the head pressure of the application
  • Water meters for monitoring usage or discharge rates

Remote monitoring can provide further peace of mind by allowing your trained Ibis Water representative to conduct diagnostic checks and offer a faster response for problem solving issues. This ensures that, although full water chemistry is tested routinely, continuous control of critical chemistry parameters is being achieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remote monitoring provides the following benefits:

  • Easy access from anywhere using a standard browser on smartphone or PC
  • Ability to view and change all controller settings remotely
  • All trends and historical data visible from website
  • Automatic generation of user defined reports, including water usage and¬†evaporation rates
  • Alarms via SMS and/or email to any user
  • Flexible access options from view only to full access