About Ibis Water

Ibis Water provides water treatment services, products and equipment to the mining, industrial and commercial markets in Western Australia. Additionally, we specialise in filtration such as water softeners, reverse osmosis, and other media filtration options which enables us to fully support and provide for our customers.


Ibis Water has 8 dedicated employees with over 180 years of combined experience in the WA water treatment industry. By focusing upon dedicated customer service, Ibis Water has built a customer base with over 150+ companies. Despite each customer having different requirements, Ibis Water focuses on ensuring all its customers receive short delivery lead times, reliable service, and a fast response.


Our philosophy is that excellent water treatment results are achieved by effectively applying proven chemistry principles. The best polymers are of no use if a tank runs empty, or a controller is faulty. Similarly, the most sophisticated controllers provideĀ little benefit if the person servicing them cannot operate it, or the equipment is poorly maintained.