Microbiological Analysis

Microbial samples are taken, stored, and transported in accordance with AS/NZS 2031, and analysed by an independent, local, NATA accredited company. When laboratory analysis is completed, Ibis Water is notified via SMS or email n the event results are out of specification, Ibis Water respond within 24 hours to perform a system remediation, which is documented, and resampled within 3-7 days as per legislation. All samples, remediation, and follow-up are managed by an internal database designed to ensure compliance is maintained and samples are not missed.

In addition to routine analysis of systems for general bacteria and Legionella, Ibis Water can also troubleshoot problem systems by either testing for specific bacteria or performing detailed microbial speciation. This has been conducted previously on systems frequently presenting with high general bacteria, despite significantly overdosing biocide, resulting in a change in treatment program to a more targeted approach and immediate improvement in performance.